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Planning & Town Development

The functions of the Directorate include:

1. Building Controls

  •  To ensure that people work and live in safe, clean and healthy environment by enforcement of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No. 103 OF 1977 (as amended).

2. Property Management

  • To ensure acquisition and availing of land and buildings for use by the municipality for purposes of developing and maintaining Municipal infrastructure, promoting service delivery and for facilitating social and economic development, spatial integration and environmental sustainability.

3. Housing Development Facilitation

  • To ensure that people have access to adequate housing, setting housing delivery goals, coordinate the delivery of housing and ensure sound public participation for all forms of housing development.

4. Town Planning

  • To ensure development of a common spatial vision which directs development and capital investment decisions and providing for well-managed, sustainable and orderly use of land.

5. Environmental Management

  • To promote a safe and healthy environment” including the Principles of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 (NEMA) and the Bill of Rights as stated in the Constitution.

6. Transportation Planning

  • Fulfilment of Municipal transportation responsibilities in terms of National Land Transport Act , No 5 of 2009.

7. Geographic Information System

  • Provide spatial information and support to all users within the Municipality in order to facilitate planning efforts and informed decision.

8. Outdoor Advertising

  • Regulation of all forms of outdoor advertising ensuring that outdoor advertising is in line with the South African Manual for Outdoor Advertising Control (SAMOAC).