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About Mahikeng

The area is known as the Mafikeng Local Municipality (NW 383). Formerly Mafikeng.
Mahikeng Local Municipality is situated in the North West Province and is 25 kilometres south of the Botswana Border. It is the Capital City of the North West Province and used to be known as the City Council of Mahikeng. The Municipality is a considerably big local Municipality as compared to other four local Municipalities located within the area of jurisdiction of Ngaka Modiri-Molema District Municipality. Those neighbouring local Municipalities which border the Ngaka Modiri-Molema District Municipality are: Ramotsere Moiloa Local Municipality, Tswaing Local Municipality, Ditsobotla Local Municipality and Ratlou Local Municipality.

The total area of the Mahikeng Local Municipality is approximately 3 703 km. It is divided into 28 wards consisting of 102 Villages and Suburbs. The population of the Municipality is estimated at 271 501 people. Approximately 75% of the area is rural. The rural areas are in the southern and western part of the Municipality and are under Tribal control.

Mahikeng Local Municipality like other local Municipalities was brought about by the new Local Government transformation in South Africa. Mahikeng Local Municipality is a Category B Municipality established in terms of Section 12 of the Municipal Structures Act. The Municipality has adopted the Executive Mayoral system which entails concentration of executive authority in the hands of the Executive Mayor. It is as system wherein the Executive Mayor, assisted by the Mayoral Committee and its administration, led by the Municipal Manager, executes the mandate of Council and the electorate.