MRRRP Acceptance Ceremony


The Premier of Bokone Bophirima Supra Obakeng Ramoeletsi Mahumapelo has made an undertaking to change the face of Mahikeng as a capital city. This commitment which was made during the state of the province address has since been followed by an official launch of Mahikeng Rebranding, Repositioning and Renewal Programme (MRRRP). The MRRRP aims at ensuring the implementation of strategic projects which will contribute towards improving infrastructure development and introducing new projects which never existed before. The implementation of MRRRP would also promote tourism economy since the construction of a new stadium and the reopening of Mahikeng airport and the train station will also enable tourists to travel to Mahikeng. Infrastructure development will also play an important role promoting domestic and foreign direct investment in the capital city. The residences of Mahikeng will benefit from a state of the art road infrastructure and the experience of having to watch professional soccer locally. The MRRRP is the brainchild of the Premier of Bokone Bophirima and already, some projects have been implemented.

On the 04th July 2015, Mahikeng Local Municipality will be officially receiving the handover of the MRRRP and all stakeholders including business community, youth, women, people with disabilities, civic based organizations, organized labor, faith based organizations, political formations, students, academia, civil servants and communities in and around Mahikeng are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the socio-economic spin offs associated with the MRRRP. All in all, the MRRRP comprises of a total of 23 projects which are aimed at improving the state of Mahikeng as a capital city. The envisaged projects which will be implemented in phases are as follows:

  • Tourism Infrastructure
  • Roads network Rehabilitation
  • Traffic and Safety Controls
  • Storm water drainage
  • Mmabatho Stadium Redesign
  • Bop Rhino Studios
  • Mahikeng Airport Development
  • Rail Network improvement
  • Bricks Manufacturing Plant
  • Mahikeng Power Distribution Rights
  • Construction of Cultural Village
  • Sewer Plant Expansion
  • Construction of New Government Precinct
  • Migration/Relocation of Deeds Office to Mahikeng
  • Residential Property Development
  • Solar Plant Development
  • Construction of an Abattoir
  • ICT Infrastructure Roll Out (SIP15)
  • Mmabana Centre Roll Out
  • Water and Sanitation Infrastructure (SIP4)
  • Construction of Small Industrial Parks
  • Mahikeng Beautification ?
  • Electrification (decaying infrastructure) Virgin areas

For this current financial year of 2015/16, a total of R232 million has been allocated by the government of Bokone Bophirima to kick start some of the projects listed above. All the residents and communities of Mahikeng are cordially invited to attend the acceptance of the MRRRP by Mahikeng Local Municipality this Saturday, 4th July 2015 at the Mmabatho Civic Center. The proceedings are expected to start at 10h00 with the Premier of Bokone Bophirima, Supra Obakeng Ramoeletsi Mahumapelo handing over the MRRRP to the Executive Mayor of Mahikeng Cllr. Gosiame Seatlholo. Buses from all wards of Mahikeng have been organized and community members are requested to liaise with their respective councilors for further arrangements.

Media statement issued by Mahikeng Local Municipality Communications Unit

Contact: Mr J Matebesi

Tel: 018 3890253





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