Mayor Weighs in on Mahikeng Taxi Protests

Mayor Weighs in on Mahikeng Taxi Protests

I am  concerned about the uprisings related to the taxi industry which happened in our city last week Friday and this week Monday. I am appealing to all parties involved to follow the example of our forefathers like Nelson Mandela who chose negotiations as a tool to  resolve social issues. I am  requesting all parties to use negotiations and not violence and chaos to resolve their differences. I am reminding all people that Mahikeng is a place of goodwill, peace and tranquility.

I am humbly calling for peace and calm and that everybody should go back to the negotiating table and resolve problems amicably. Let us allow our school children to go back to school! Let us allow our businesses to trade as usual! Let us allow our public transport to continue to render essential services that are critical to the functioning of our society! Let us allow our public servants to go back to work so as to continue their sterling work of extending services to the masses of our people! Let us give the government a space to execute its constitutional mandate! As South Africans, we have overcome many challenges using negotiation(s) as a tool to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Violence has never build a any nation and we saw how recent attacks on foreigners almost tarnished the image and the brand of South Africa. We are a nation that is rooted in peace and reconciliation. We showed the world a miracle in 1994 when we went through a peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy. We also demonstrated to the international community that we have the capacity to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and a prosperous nation. Conflict has never built any nation in the world and today many people are displaced in many parts of the world and others have lost their lives because of violence.

Let peace, tranquility and order reign supreme in the City of Goodwill!


– by Cllr Gosiame Seatlholo

Executive Mayor

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