Integrated Development Review

The community engagements were conducted under the auspices of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP). Section 195 and Section 152 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa authoritatively compels all Municipalities to consult and involve communities in all matters pertaining to the Municipality including the process of the IDP and the IDP review.

The Municipal System Act prescribes that municipalities should embark on the Integrated Development Programme. In Mahikeng Local Municipality, the IDP processes are conducted in the context of the “Back to Basics” and the Freedom Charter clarion call that “The People Shall Govern.” In observing the central message from the “Back to Basics” discussion document, the Mahikeng Local Municipality intends to ensure that the Integrated Development Plan responds to and addresses important developmental needs of communities. Services such as the provision of water, sanitation, refuse removal, economic housing, construction of roads and economic projects are high in the agenda of the Municipality.

The theme of the Freedom Charter serves the purpose of reminding public representatives (Councillors) that they derive their mandate from the masses and there is no Government process including the IDP that can be carried out without the involvement of ordinary people and communities in general.



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