Barolong Library Celebrates Women’s Day

Barolong Library Celebrates Women’s Day

The Barolong Library celebrated Woman`s Month on the 21st August 2015. They had invited some elderly ladies  from the Pudulogo Centre located at Magogoe together with CWP and EPWP workers . The ladies were encouraged to use the library to get a wealth of knowledge that they can pass on.


Ms Esther Babuseng who is an elderly lady who is a frequent library user who reads an average of three books a week talked about the importance of reading. Demonstrations, talks, singing and sharing of ideas was the activity of the day. Ms G. Bojosi and Ms C. Isabiyre who work at the library told the ladies that the library has books for recipes, knitting, gardening and other hobbies that they may want to pursue as a pastime. The ladies were encouraged to take library membership for their children and grandchildren.

Library membership is one of the free services offered by the Mahikeng Local Municipality.




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