Ottoshoop Finally Gets Electricity

Ottoshoop Finally Gets Electricity

Executive Mayor of Mahikeng Local Municipality Cllr KB Diakanyo accompanied by Speaker, Hon. T Nebe; Single Whip of Council Hon. G Kgwadibane and Members of the Mayoral Committee visited the community of Ottoshoop in ward 4 on 18th January 2018. Section 2(a) of the Municipal Systems Act no 32 of 2000 states that the administration of a municipality must be responsive to the needs of the local community.


The purpose of the visit was to introduce an Eskom contractor for electrification of 536 houses in the area. This was done as a result of a series of community meetings and promise made by Eskom in early in 2017.

Mahikeng Local Municipality as a responsive; accountable; effective and efficient sphere of government facilitated the fast tracking of electrification process by constantly engaging with Eskom.


Addressing the community, the Executive Mayor urged them to use proper structures of local government such as wards Councillors and Ward Committees when raising service delivery issues. They were also encouraged to come up with plans on how the municipality can improve their lives during community meetings. Communities must refrain from using violent ways as a method of communication. Communication must be a two way process said the Executive Mayor. She further explained that the 536 houses that are to be electrified are as a result of the second assessment done by Eskom not because of the protest that erupted on the 8th January 2018.


Mahikeng Local Municipality will continue in its endeavour to give its citizens services regardless of where they come from or their social status.



By Abigail Batala

MLM Communications Manager



Above: MLM Executive addressing the community.


Above: Community members listening attentively to the address.


Above: Introduction of an Eskom contractor.

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