Nedbank Mahikeng Branch Launched

Nedbank Mahikeng Branch Launched

NEDBANK expanded their wings on the 13th March 2013, when they opened their second branch in Mahikeng. The Municipality was represented by MMC Lomo and MMC Mphengesi on behalf of the Executive Mayor, Lena Miga. In addition to the Launch, Nedbank also made donations to Madiba Combined School and Tau primary school, as part of its Corporate Social Investment initiatives. “Today, we are humbled by the heartrending gesture that Nedbank has made by choosing to partner with Mahikeng Local Municipality in delivering these much needed donations to Madiba Combined School and Tau primary school, as a build up towards the launch of the Mahikeng branch”, said MMC Lomo.


He further added that the landscape of the Mahikeng area is largely rural, with levels of poverty being relatively high – and whilst the cost of living is also appreciating, making life eminently tough to get by for those people who are living within the lower income brackets. Moreover, we as government are trying to put together systems and mechanisms in order to alleviate poverty, through social grants and housing. Be that as it may, Nedbank has proven once again that it is not only the government’s responsibility to assist in making a better life for all South Africans – but a joint effort. The principle – “Umuntu, ngumuntu ngabantu” comes into play in initiatives and acts of kindness such as this. This principle of Ubuntu works practically in our lives because we are Africans, where a child does not only belong to a family, but to a whole community.


Today Nedbank has made the recipients of these gifts better people today, than what they were yesterday. Therefore, this speaks to the power that is in partnerships. It is so disheartening to see that there are still children who walk to school barefooted. Some don’t even know the pleasure and comfort of wearing a shoe, some go to school during the heart of winter, yet they have never experienced the warmth of a jersey As a result, i am so thankful to Nedbank for considering us in thier social responsibility programmes.
MMC Lomo, encouraged the recipients of the donations to take special care and control of the items that they received because Nedbank has contributed towards making you leaders of tomorrow. He also urged the teachers to assist in the preservation of these gifts, so that others can benefit from them.

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