MLM Planning Session Focuses on Improving Services

MLM Planning Session Focuses on Improving Services

Mahikeng Local Municipality held a five day strategic planning recently under the theme “”A Re direng Mmogo go tokokafatsa Mahikeng”. The purpose of the strategic planning was to reflect on the achievement of the previous resolution taken; strengthen the institution; and ensure the strengthening of internal governing structures and also to craft a road map that will take us closer to the Promised Land. Stakeholders working together with the municipality and private companies were invited to make presentations at the workshop to assist the municipality with its goal of implementing its core messages: “A Re direng mmogo go tokofatsa Mahikeng”

In her address to the workshop the Executive Mayor Cllr Betty Diakanyo said the municipality has observed in recent times some of its residents are running out of patience with the municipality. They go to the extent of storming our municipal offices thereby threatening the security of employees and municipal property. A number of questions can be raised regarding this matter. Is our municipality doing so badly that our people should run out of patience? Are we doing enough as a municipality to ensure that their aspirations are met? Are their actions legitimate? Do we have the necessary capacity to deal with the issues they raise at the speed they expect? For how long are we going to be exposed to threads to an extent that some among us feel their lives are in danger? Are we engaging enough and or constructively to a point where we find one another? Our aim with this strategic planning session is to improve on the Audit Outcome. The municipality got a Qualified Audit Outcome” Diakanyo said.

The municipality Audit Committee chairperson; Mr Stanley Ngobeni, had this to say:  What brings us together is community and voters, we are going to be judged by what we make or break which one do we choose, together we can do more.  Resolutions taken at the strategic planning session are intended to fast-track the rate at which services are rendered to residents as well as to improve the quality of services the municipality renders.


By Abigail Batala

MLM Communications Manager



Mr P Mokubung from Sedibeng Water presenting on water purification

Some of the Managers listening attentively to the presentation

Presentation on the role of internal audit and external committee and audit committee in the municipality by the Audit Chairperson, Mr Stanley  Ngobeni

Input by the  Honourable Executive Mayor Cllr Betty Diakanyo

Purpose of the strategic planning session by Municipal Manager Mr Thabo Mokwena

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