Mahikeng Local Municipality Set the Record Straight on the Recruitment of EPWP Beneficiaries

Mahikeng Local Municipality Set the Record Straight on the Recruitment of EPWP Beneficiaries

The Mahikeng Local Municipality has noted with regret the fact that there are people inside and outside the municipality who have made it their business to destabilize the municipality by deliberately misleading the unemployed masses of our people.


  1. On the recruitment of EPWP beneficiaries for 2016.

The municipality has learned that there are councilors who are misleading community members around Mahikeng by spreading false information that the municipality will be recruiting a total of 150 young people per ward for EPWP in the 2016 financial year.

The Mahikeng Local Municipality would like to set the record straight and categorically reject that assertion as a fabrication aimed at playing on the emotions and anxieties of our people who are desperately looking for employment opportunities. The municipality wishes to record that the information provided by those wishing to cause instability in the municipality is incorrect and only 600 EPWP beneficiaries will be recruited for 2016.

That recruitment for 2016 will be done in conjunction with the ward councilors and other established structures such as ward committees. Recruitment will not be coordinated by political offices but by the administration of the municipality under the leadership of the Acting Municipal Manager overseen by Executive Mayor Cllr Gosiame Seatlholo.


  1. On the alleged extension of the contract of the 2015 beneficiaries by 5 years.

The Mahikeng Local Municipality wishes to record that EPWP contract country wide runs for a period of 12 months only! The municipality has never resolved or been authorized by the provincial or national governments to extend any contract!

The municipality has learned that amongst some of those who have allegedly been mobilizing the unemployed are councilors and officials of the municipality. This matter will be escalated to the ruling party so that those who are involved in this campaign of destabilizing the municipality for political ends can be processed politically.

The municipality would like to put in perspective the fact that unemployment, inequality  and poverty are national challenges. As such, the municipality is currently engaging with different spheres of governments and the private sector to find other job opportunities for our unemployed young people. We call on our people to refuse to be abused by anyone for political or personal ends. We urge our communities to expose and reject those who are trying to mislead them. We would like encourage our people to expose this agent provocateurs who are hell-bent on destabilizing the municipality, said the Executive Mayor Cllr Gosiame Seatlholo.

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