IMATU Reaches Out to the Learners of Lokaleng Middle School

IMATU Reaches Out to the Learners of Lokaleng Middle School

IMATU, Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union, operating within the Local Government sector with its base in Mahikeng Local Municipality, embarked for the first time in an outreach project on 5 June 2015 for the community within the jurisdiction of Mahikeng. Members of this Union resolved in one of their meetings to plough back to the community of Lokaleng in the by donating sanitary pads to the girl learners of Lokaleng Middle School.

The school was targeted as the beneficiary because of the level of poverty experienced in that area and the Union then decided to alleviate the suffering of the community by donating over 100 sanitary pads to the female learners in the school” said the Chairperson of IMATU‘s Mahikeng branch, Mr Thabang Modikoe.

The delegation of the Union was warmly welcomed by the Principal, Mr Tladi and members of his staff. The Union expressed its obligation to the learners to help out in times of need to those less fortunate and to show the spirit of Ubuntu and motivated learners to uphold the drive to learn and become outstanding members of the South African community in future. In his response to the noble initiative of the Union, the Principal expressed appreciation and commended the IMATU for caring for the impoverished community of Lokaleng.

The Union promised the school to revert to them in the near future to engage them on other measures that they (IMATU) are going to explore to further assist the school in making a mark on the upliftment of the learners in the trying economic times being experienced. The Chairperson of the Union also stressed the fact that the event takes place during the Youth Month and that further indicated their commitment to advancing the interests of the youth of the land.
Issued by the Office of the Chairperson of IMATU, Mahikeng Branch.


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